Deciphering English weather and public transportation…

As a Floridian I have long given up believing weather forecasts and like to think I’m used to unpredictable weather changes. I have learned otherwise these last few days! 🙂 Today I experienced at least five different types of weather and was thankful I opted to wear my raincoat this morning on my way out the door. Unfortunately the temperature also dropped several degrees and my hands were screaming for the pair of gloves I had left behind in my cottage.

The small cottage (studio size) is located in the small village of Croscombe just outside Wells, so I have to take two buses to get to Glastonbury for fieldwork. This morning I learned that one should always read the timetables twice! I had misread it the day before and was three minutes late for my first bus. So I walked back up the hill to my cottage (if I do this daily I might have some shapely legs by the end of all this! Haha) and made a cup of tea to kill time before the next bus. Besides being late for my first bus today, all use of public transportation went smoothly, unlike yesterday.

Yesterday I returned my rental car to the airport in Bristol, which by car is only about 35 minutes away. Unfortunately, the route back home via bus was a bit more convoluted. I had to take an airport shuttle to the central bus station where I then attempted to buy a weekly bus pass. I queued for over 30 minutes and then dealt with an extremely friendly but inefficient (think types with one finger at a time) station employee for 20 minutes only to find that my only option for a weekly pass in the region I needed it for was through their App… so I wasted the better part of an hour to figure that out because the website had been unclear.

My adventure trying to buy the pass cost me five minutes too long and I missed the next bus from Bristol to Wells and had to wait another thirty minutes. Such was my luck yesterday. When I finally got to Wells I got off near the Cathedral and had lunch in the Cathedral cafe. From there I caught the bus back to Croscombe and was back around 4pm and greeted by my wonderful AirBnB host, Cathy, and invited to her house for tea and biscuits.

Today I arrived in Glastonbury with no problem and spent the late morning and early afternoon taking notes and making observations on the High Street (English version of Main Street) and the stores geared specifically toward tourism in the town. I picked up various flyers and business cards and got leads from a few people. By the end of today I had a meeting scheduled with one of the shop owners for later this week to discuss their role in tourism in Glastonbury.

I made a quick compilation video from today to a tune fittingly called “Road to Camelot”:

Apologies for the shakiness. It was incredibly cold and nothing I could do would make my hands as steady as I wanted them to be. My plan is to collect footage throughout my time here and put it all together into one final longer piece in the end. Today’s footage shows the market (outdoor and indoor) and footage from Glastonbury Abbey. Noticeably missing is any footage of Glastonbury Tor, Chalice Well and White Spring. Those will come soon!

Tomorrow I am meeting with someone who works for the National Trust and helps manage Glastonbury Tor. So, in regards to fieldwork, so far so good! Just keep swimming… and navigating weather and public transportation.

Lessons learned:
(1) Always wear/bring your waterproof no matter what the weather forecast.
(2) Always read the bus timetable twice and be five minutes early to the bus stop.



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