A fairly quiet few days

The last day I updated with Tuesday, which means I have four days to cover. Not much happened in those four days though. Wednesday and Thursday were usual working days in Pewsey, and I got a lot of promotional work done for our event next Friday, along with continuing work on the policy documents. Friday morning I took an 8:10 train from Pewsey to Westbury, and from Westbury to Bristol. I spent the morning and early afternoon in the regional office there, printing things out and getting some things laminated for our Open Day next Friday. Emma, the office manager/administrator there was super nice and took me out to lunch at this indoor market in Bristol called St Nicholas Market, and then gave me a short walking tour of the old parts of Bristol.

Last time I was in Bristol I had just injured my foot that morning, so it was nice not to be limping around the city. However, that said, I definitely need to get the toe checked out when I’m back at UF. It’s still sticking up and if it broke, then it’s healed badly…sigh. After our walking tour and a bit of ice cream I headed out to the bus station and took the bus back to Glastonbury via Wells. Sarah and Neil has taken the kids out for the day, so I went out for dinner on my own at the Hundred Monkeys…and because my student loans have nicely cushioned my bank account, I treated myself to a nice steak. 🙂

Today I slept in, had breakfast with Neil, Sarah and the boys, and then headed out to Wells. I had the intention of staying there for a few hours, but after I made my rounds through the market and spent some time inside the Cathedral, I felt a migraine starting to come on. It’s completely based in all the tension I’m currently carrying in my shoulders…I’m in desperate need of a massage, and I know my mom will take care of that the night I get home. So I went back to Glastonbury, and took a short nap and then a hot shower. The weather today has been rain on and off, sunshine occasionally peeking through the clouds, and a good amount of gusty wind to remind you that summer is pretty much over here.

I have a week left. Tomorrow is a day off, and Monday is a bank holiday, but I’ll be working on computer things most of the day. Monday evening I head back to Pewsey to finish out my work at Inglesham. Tuesday I’ll be at the church, Wednesday is work at “home”, Thursday is prepping for our event and Friday is our Open Conservation Day that I’ve been coordinating. I’ve sent out several promotional emails, and a press release, as well as had it advertised on the CCT Facebook and Twitter pages…so hopefully the turn out will be decent. The event will run from 11:00-2:00pm and then I’ll head back to Glastonbury with Neil for one last night. Saturday morning it’s an early train to London, checking in to my hotel and then visiting the National Portrait Gallery and the British Museum before crashing for an early night. My flight leaves at 10am on Sunday morning, so I’ll be leaving for the airport around 7am, latest. And I’m pretty sure I’m going to splurge and take a taxi from my hotel to the airport, because I have absolutely no desire to drag my suitcase, backpack and second bag on the Tube. I want my return journey to be as stress-free as possible. So if I need to spend £60 on a taxi ride…I will happily do so.

So, that’s pretty much it. Time is running out, and there is work piling up for me in Gainesville. Some of the first things I’ll be doing in Gainesville though, are getting a massage at southwest rec center, and then downing a few margaritas at Mexico Lindo for my birthday with some friends.

Cheerio for now!


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