Retail Therapy

Yesterday was not a productive day. I just couldn’t get my ducks in a row and produce anything…I did absolutely minimal work. In my defense, the renovation workers were making a lot of noise, and there were some terrible fumes from one of them using a heatgun to strip old paint off the molding in a bay window…that gave me a headache and I retreated upstairs into my room. Trouble is, unless I’ve forced myself to sit at a desk, I’m really unproductive.

But I made it  through the day and when they left at 5pm, I made a spur of the moment decision to take the bus to the town over, called Street. I wasn’t going to go until Saturday but I was going absolutely stir crazy. They have an outdoor shopping mall called Clark’s Village. Now, I think an outdoor mall in England is totally silly given the weather, but I was prepared with my umbrella when it started to rain again. I needed to find a bigger carry-on bag and I did…it’s a woven bag that looks like a beach bag but it zips up and it was only….£6! Can’t beat that. And I finally found a Union Jack flag for Bonnie and Colin, and it was on sale post-Olympics for £2. So two very good deals there. I roamed around for a bit longer, ended up in the GAP outlet store but reminded myself that even though I really liked this one dress, I needed to save room in my luggage for other things.

I took the bus back around 7pm, and then got Indian take-away for dinner. By the way, I have to add that the English term take-away makes so much more sense than the American take-out…doesn’t it? Or maybe they’re equally logical…who knows. I piled my plate high with veggie kurma and garlic naan and watched a TV while I ate. I found myself watching A Cinderella Story…not to be confused with Cinderella Story (the Russell Crowe boxing movie)…this one was the high-school lovey dovey movie with Hilary Duff and it made me realize how long it’s actually been since I was in high school. Hilary Duff is only a year older than me, and the fact that she’s married and just had a baby blows my mind. What happened to Lizzy McGuire? I think the fact that I’ll (hopefully) have a Masters by the end of December doesn’t seem real. I feel like I just graduated high school in a way….even my undergraduate graduation never really sunk in. Probably because I just kept on at UF and nothing really changed. But big big changes are on the horizon in the next 6 months, so hopefully those will sink in. Hah.

Today I’m working on reformatting the CCT Conservation Policy and its appendicies…fun stuff! But I think after giving me free accomodations for my whole stay, it’s the least I can do, to do a bit of mundane administrative work. The weather is supposed to be much better tomorrow, and I think I may go to Bath.

That’s all for now. Cheerio!



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