A relaxing weekend

I’m about to sit down to watch the Closing Ceremony for the 2012 Olympic Games, and this will be a great way to end a very relaxing weekend. I got back to Glastonbury on Friday evening. We had Indian take-away for dinner and then Dr R’s friend Derek took puppy Tess home with him for the week. So while I’m housesitting for Dr R this week, I don’t have to worry about the puppy…just two cats that don’t seem to get along very well. 🙂

Saturday morning I got my last detailed briefing on my work for the week from Dr R and then he headed out to London to meet up with Sarah and the kids. Once he left I took a walk down to the bakery and did my usual of picking up a muffin and taking it to the Abbey where I got a pot of tea out in the grassy park. After grocery shopping I put my walking shoes on and headed up the Tor. This was the first time I made the hike up since I hurt my toe almost three weeks ago. While I’m here, Dr R said I can borrow any lenses he has that I don’t, so I took the wide angle lens up the Tor with me and got some really great shots.

For dinner I made myself a nice salad with fresh tomatoes, avocado and mozzerella. And then I went to bed fairly early after writing some postcards for friends. I slept in this morning and got up around 10am and had a leisurely breakfast before catching the bus to Wells. I went to Wells because I wanted to see the cathedral again but also because they have a bigger variety of stores on their High Street. On my way to the cathedral I found a great kitchen store and was able to get my hands on something Mom has been looking for for ages but can’t seem to find the States. So I got her a present, and I got Vanessa a present too. I’m glad I went back to the cathedral, especially with the wide angle lens because I got some great photos I couldn’t have gotten otherwise. Here is a sneak peek at two of them.

I had lunch at the cafe inside the cathedral and then shopped around a bit more before taking the bus back to Glastonbury. I had a bit of a headache by the time I got back, and took a short nap before Skyping first with Mom and then with Michael. After that I set about making lentil soup for dinner, and then just watching a bit of TV and relaxing on the couch. And now of course, my eyes are glued to the TV screen for the closing ceremonies, and I only wish I was in London to celebrate with everyone else. 🙂

Tomorrow it’s back to work on computer stuff. But in general, this will be a lowkey work because I won’t be going out on site at all. But that’s okay with me. I have plenty to do from the computer.

Cheerio for now!


2 thoughts on “A relaxing weekend

  1. It need not be said how happy the pictures make me. Sorry I’m such a photo-freak! LOL. (But, really, it’s partially your fault.) I’m glad you’re doing well!

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