I think the CCT needs a Collection’s Manager

It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve been over here for over a month. I have just over three weeks left, and I am pretty sure the time will go by much more quickly than I’m prepared for. By the end though I’ll have quite a binder full of internship stuff, because I’ve had such a variety of things to do. I’m going to write a short proposal for the director here to emphasize their need for a kind of collections manager. The inventory I just finished of the church at Inglesham was the first since 1990, and some churches have never had one done. So I think there needs to be someone who goes to all the churches and creates an inventory for them and then puts that into an overall CCT database. Some church’s keyholders have stuff at their homes even…old silver objects that aren’t accounted for and books and candlesticks, etc. so I think it only makes sense that there be one person whose sole job is to wrap their brain around what all these 340 churches have. It’s a three-year project at least, I would say.

And also, the presence of a collection’s manager could justify the existence of an off-site storage area. As much as I love the local keyholders that watch over the church when CCT reps aren’t there, they may not know what to do with old silver objects and old books….so those could go to a central place, and then objects like The Cameley Head (mentioned many entries ago) would have a designated home.

I would also argue that the person hired doesn’t necessarily need to know church architecture like the back of their hand. In my short time here I’ve picked up just about enough terminology to understand and communicate what object I’m talking about, and where in the church it’s located. It’s really not rocket science to learn the difference between the North Aisle, the Lady Chapel, the Chancel and the Nave (plus a few more I won’t bore you with).

But anyway…this was just a thought I had finishing up the inventory yesterday afternoon. I was originally supposed to be at the church  today but I was told last night that there wouldn’t be many photo opportunities, so I’m not going in today. But I’ll go in tomorrow. This gives me today to transcribe the interviews I recorded with the other interns last night…and get to work on the articles for the local papers. Trying to raise local awareness of not just the CCT, but the fact that there is an on-going project running at Inglesham that deserves as much media attention as it can possibly get.

So for now I’m sitting out on the porch with my feet up and enjoying the temporary sunshine while I work on transcribing the interviews I did of the girls last night. What would make it perfect would be having Bella here…I really miss that silly dog. 🙂



Don’t worry Mom, Vanessa, Dad, etc…I kinda miss you guys, too. 🙂 24 days to go!


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