I miss having a separate washer and dryer!

One thing that is really common over here in England is a machine that is both a washer and a dryer…but I swear that whenever I try to use it as a dryer it just steams my clothes rather than drying them. So I’ll be happy when I’m back in the states and can dry my clothes in a seperate machine. I would hang my clothes outside but….ding ding ding…it’s raining again! 🙂

I had a minor moment this morning when I hastily posted a ranting entry on this blog…I’ve since taken it down. If you did get a chance to read it, I’m glad you did. But for the sake of good appearances I’ve moved it to another personal blog where bad language wouldn’t be as frowned upon. In a nutshell, the three other girls here let me know that they’d be going to dinner this evening after work without me…and that just set off a load of PMS induced ranting and raving. But I’m better now.

I’ve had a very productive day doing computer work. The newsletter is nearly finished…just a few more tweaks here and there. I have the bulk of the inventory of the church done as well, and will finish taking the photos at the church tomorrow. My plan is to be at the church tomorrow and Wednesday, and then not again until I get back from Glastonbury on the 2oth. I am going to spend only the minimal amount of time necessary at the church, and try to get all the computer work done as soon as possible. The west regional director Colin, has a few extra tasks he’d like me to try and do before I leave, in which case I may be able to justify a few days in Bristol while I’m in Glastonbury next week.

So I’m having dinner alone tonight, and probably watching even more of the Olympics because there is nothing else on TV right now. And then going to bed early so I can be fresh and productive again tomorrow.

That’s all for now folks. Unfortunately it’s been a boring and uneventful day!


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