Plans for the rest of the internship:

Yesterday was a good day, even if it started out pretty badly. I  think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but either way I was feeling particularly sensitive. So when we got to the church and Jane informed me it was not practical to run me an extension cord for my laptop because they had spent all of Thursday rerunning the cords up the scaffolding, I walked outside and sat in the church yard for about a half hour and cried. She hadn’t been particularly rude about it, but I think just the stress of  the week, and the general feeling of not being wanted at the church, has gotten to me. But I pulled myself together, decided to handwrite what I could, and waited for Dr. R and Sarah to get to the church. Luckily for me, they were two hours early and I got to leave early.

They had a chat with Jane and expressed very clearly what my role in the whole matter is (that being that I represent The Trust when they’re not on site), so hopefully there won’t be anymore misunderstandings in the future. I got to leave with Dr R and Sarah around 3:00 and headed back to Glastonbury. I’ll be here for the weekend, and…very good news, I’ll be here next week, too. So I’ll go back to Pewsey on Sunday night, spend Monday-Friday in Pewsey working at the church, and then I’m basically coming back to Glastonbury and housesitting for Dr R and Sarah while they’re on holiday in Portugal. I think I’ll be much more efficient in my work by being here, and it’ll give me a chance to go back to the Bristol office if I really want to. I can definitely finish the work I need to be at the church for by this coming Friday, and then I’ll be working on the more administrative stuff the week after. I’m helping reformat their policies…so I get to rekindle all that good policy-related stuff I learned in Museum Ethics in the spring term. 🙂

So the plan for the next few weeks:
Today-August 5th: Glastonbury
August 6th – August 10th: Pewsey (Finish inventory at the church including up-to-date photos of all features and fixtures, finish interviewing conservation interns about their experiences for articles I’m writing, complete as many visitor surveys as possible and advertise for Open Conservation Day on August 31st)
August 11th- August 18th: Glastonbury (Reformat CCT Policies, and write 2 articles on project at Inglesham)
August 19th – August 31st: Pewsey (Continue visitor surveys, prepare for Open Conservation Day, and do research on interpreting rural heritage sites)
Evening of August 31st: Back to Glastonbury with Dr R
September 1st: Train to London
September 2nd: Airport to fly home!

Writing it out like that makes it seems like much less time between me and going home, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For today and tomorrow, I’m going to do a bit of work while it’s rainy so I can justify taking Tuesday off to do some site-seeing without too many tourists, like on the weekends. I’ll probably head over to Highclere Castle, aka where they film Downton Abbey! 🙂

That’s all for now. Toodles!


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