Nearly halfway through

So when did it become August already? Sheesh. I spent the day at the lodge working on some computer work and have almost finalized the newsletter. I’m just waiting for some last minute contributions from other staff members. So it’ll be nice to tick something off my list of things to do. I am trying to get all my work done at the church as soon as possible, because I honestly can’t work an 8-9 hour day at the church just because the others want to stay longer to finish their projects. The work I have to do doesn’t require me to be at the church that much and I need internet access, not to mention my attention span for productive work certainly isn’t that long.

So I’m trying to finish the inventory and photographic documentation next week and then I really won’t need to go to the church much after that. Unfortunately I can already feel the slight distance between myself and other three girls, simply because they’re working together more often without me, and I am here at the cabin a lot on my own. For example they have this rather annoying habit of speaking in mock-french with each other…and their decible level is usually just that bit too high for my ears. And singing. I like singing on my own in my car…but I don’t subject other people to my singing. They subject me to their singing. Oh well. Such is the way of having roommates, and this is just temporary. I did cook a nice dinner for them last night which was appreciated by all. So no one can say I’m not trying to assimilate so to speak. I guess it’s the little things like, for example, I don’t drink gin and tonic. So by my standards if you offer everyone else one but one person doesn’t drink it, you offer them something else…right? Whatever I can pour my own glass of wine.

Dr. R says he may be able to make it out to the church tomorrow. I hope he does, because I think it would be really useful and help answer a lot of questions that are currently up in the air. And then I’m off to Glastonbury for the weekend and I couldn’t be happier about it. You can bet on it that I’ll be going on a nice walk and having lunch at The Blue Note Cafe.

So I’m writing this part of the entry after dinner, and now Dr R is definitely coming to the church, which means no train ride for me tomorrow! YAY. Maybe I’m paranoid, and God knows I’m a people pleaser and don’t like it when people don’t like me, but I think one of the girls here doesn’t like me because I make sarcastic jokes about Jane…but obviously my loyalties (if we wanna be political about it) lie with Dr R and the CCT. Anywho…enough of that. Bad energy. Needs to be cleansed out with lots of tea and pastries this weekend. I’m almost halfway through my internship. Time has definitely flown. I’m just hoping it continues to do so. Staying here and working on the computer all the time is a definite change of pace from running around churches in different counties with Dr R.

On a separate note, Mom found my blog mentioned on Mick Aston’s webpage! If you read my blog regularly, you’ll remember Mick Aston is the archaeologist whose house I visited…the one with the crazy white Doc-Brown-like hair. Check it out here:

I’m mentioned, along with my blog, under the heading about the church in Holcombe. Not bad, eh?? 🙂

Well…that’s all for now. Good night from England.



One thought on “Nearly halfway through

  1. One of my pet peeves as a musician is the common tendency for vocalists to sing their hearts out without any type of regard for others around them. It’s particularly annoying when they do their siren warmups and motorboat warmups. Ugh.

    I saw Mick’s website – cool cool cool!!!

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