Pewsey so far…

Sunday I moved from Glastonbury to Pewsey, and I think I was a bit spoiled in Glastonbury, now that I’m here at the Willowbank Lodges much more in the middle of no where. In Glastonbury I was able to literally walk around the corner and be in the High Street, with everything I need around me and people and things to do. Pewsey itself is much smaller, but the place we’re staying is kind of in the middle of a farmland, and without a car there isn’t much to do. But hopefully this’ll mean I’m more productive when I work…or it could mean I’ll get cabin fever. Literally.

The three other ladies here are great and we all get along just fine. Debs and Christine did this Inglesham project last summer and are back for a second year as conservation interns. Debs is some the UK, and Christine is Canadian. And the third, Claudia, is from Germany. She’s studying at a university in Stuttgart, but her family lives outside Frankfurt. The three of them are all conservation people, so I’m a bit of the odd man out in terms of studies, but they don’t seem to mind and I certainly don’t.

Yesterday I went with the other three to the church site to get acquianted with what we going on there. I met Jane who is the head conservator on the project. But it needs to be made clear she is working independently of the CCT. The CCT is her client, and they’ve been paying her to do this work a few weeks each year for the last twenty odd years. So she’s a bit of an entrenched figure at the church, and it’s obvious to me now that she’s forgotten a bit about who is in charge. She was rather rude when she asked me what I would be doing at the church, knowing I wasn’t a conservator and wouldn’t be working on any actual wall paintings. I explained the list of things Neil has given me to do and in a rather brash manner starting telling me why half of them were irrelevant. She may mean well when it comes to the work she does on wall paintings, but she’s no people person.

So I called Neil and told him there was a major miscommunication about whom I was working for and he assured me he would take care of it. Neil had warned me that Jane could be abbrasive, but I guess I wasn’t quite ready for what I encountered yesterday. I won’t go into too much  more detail than that, because it wouldn’t be very professional of me. Suffice it to say, she made a very bad first impression, and I’m glad I work for Neil and not for her.

After work, the four of us went to the grocery store and stocked up on goods before heading home. We had dinner and I got to skype with Mom and Michael briefly. I worked on a bit of computer work before bed and fell asleep pretty quickly.

Today the weather is gloomy and I’m at the lodges all day working on computer stuff. I’m finishing up the regional newsletter and working on some PR/Marketing stuff for two small events we’re holding at Inglesham in the next month .If I was in Glastonbury I probably would have taken a walk by now, but I’m not sure of my way around here yet. Maybe I’ll explore a bit later, if it stops raining. So…that’s all for now.


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