The rain is back…

Today I move to from Glastonbury to Pewsey, and the rain is back after so many days of beautiful sunshine. I am a little sad to be moving today, only because this little town had really grown on me, but I know I’m going to like Pewsey just the same and learn a lot while I’m there.

Yesterday I didn’t do much at all. I slept in, had breakfast, played with the puppy, took a short nap and then went for a walk with the dog. She wasn’t very cooperative so it wasn’t a very long walk. I brought her back to the house and went off on my own walk back down to the Abbey ruins. I bought a muffin along the way and bought some tea when I got there and sat in the grass. There was a couple with a toddler who was running around butt-naked having the best time. And then I came back to the house and did some work before Dr R and Sarah got back and then we went to dinner.

After dinner they tried to take Tess for a walk again, and I watched some TV. BBC channel 2 had a special on Daniel Barenboim and Beethoven’s 9 symphonies. It was pretty cool. The kind of programming you just don’t seem to get in the States anymore.

Well, it’s breakfast time for me now and then one last Glastonbury walk before I catch the 3:30 train to Pewsey. Cheerio! 🙂


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