I survived Bristol

Well, my foot is marginally better. I still can’t wear anything besides my sneakers, which definitely limits my clothing choices at this point. But I’ll just deal with it for a few days. The toe is less swollen, but more blue and purple. I spent most of Monday afternoon after arriving in Bristol, in my hotel room with a towel and a bag of ice on my foot, elevated on a few pillows. But I had dinner at an Italian place just down the street and the food was excellent. I hobbled back to my room and messed around on the internet for a while before going to sleep. Tuesday morning I got up, got ready and then walked over (only three blocks) to the CCT Bristol Office to meet up with Emma and Matt. They then walked with me over to the actual meeting place, which was in a church they’ve “regenerated”, and is now used by a company called CircoMedia, which does circus and trapeze arts. It’s actually pretty cool when you see all the equipment set up inside the old church that now gets much more use as a building than it did before it was converted.

The meeting itself went well. I think all non-profits have the same problem of having meeting after meeting, and noting what to talk about at the next meeting, but never really getting much accomplished. Because the CCT recently restructured with budget cuts and everything, it is obvious that there are some big communication gaps between staff members.

The meeting went from 11-3:30pm, and we had lunch outside in the sunny grass in between there. And then Emma showed me to the bus station and I took the bus back to Glastonbury. Sarah and Neil took me out to dinner, which was lovely, and I hobbled down the High Street with only one sandal on, because the one on my hurt foot was just too painful.

Today we’re meeting at an English Heritage site, to talk to someone who is really good at volunteer recruiting…which is something the CCT desperately needs to figure out. So we’ll see how it goes.

Cheerio for now!


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