Manic Monday – July 23

Well, this week is off to a great start. Not. Well, that’s an exaggeration. But this morning I fell down the stairs. It was about as ungraceful as you could get. I slipped, my butt hit the step and I slid and bumped all  the way down the rest of the 6-7 steps. My elbows got roughed up and my phone case has a slight ding in it, but worse than that, is that my pinkie toe got caught on the railing on my way down and its now really badly stubbed. It’s swollen and throbbing and all sorts of goodness. I’ve had some frozen peas on it for the last hour and taped it to the fourth toe. But still…it hurts to walk and I am supposed to do a lot of walking today.

Today I’m headed for Bristol. I’ll take the bus from Glastonbury to Wells, and then from Wells to Bristol. I’m spending the night in a hotel and then attending the regional team meeting at the CCT office tomorrow morning. But the walk from the bus station in Bristol to my hotel is no short distance…neither is the distance from the hotel to the office. So this could be interesting. I was so happy with how much walking I’ve been doing the last two weeks and now this. At least the toe isn’t broken. At least, I don’t think it is.

Both the puppy and the cat are getting on my nerves. The cat is just stupid, and the dog won’t listen. So I’ll be glad to get out of the house in an hour or so and by the time I get back on Tuesday, Dr. R and Sarah can deal with the animals.

This week will be pretty busy. Like I said today is travel to Bristol, Tuesday is the meeting in Bristol and traveling back to Glastonbury, Wednesday is work on the newsletter, Thursday I have to go to London for my formal orientation with the organization (two weeks late…but they only do it once a month for any new staff or volunteer members), and Friday I want to finish up the newsletter.

For those of you who don’t know, Gator Band is traveling to London to do several performances at the Olympics.
They’re performing a few different venues for different events, and are playing songs from Queen and the Beatles and so forth. So I’m going to try and meet up with Mark and a few others on Thursday while I’m in London. Why not? 🙂

That’s all for now. Cheerio.


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