First Two Weeks in England – Picture Post!

This entry is mostly to post some photos that I haven’t been able to post yet. I don’t really want to make an album on Facebook until I get back to the States and can put together one of my whole trip. So in the meantime, I’ll post some photos here from the first two weeks. For some reason WordPress and I aren’t getting along and the spacing between the photos and their captions is a little funky…so sorry about that. But hope you like the pictures! 🙂

More Glastonbury Abbey ruins

Outside the church in Portland

The “Leaning Tower of Puxton” 🙂

The old wood screen at St. Michael’s at Clapton-in-Gordano. This was one of the things sampled for dendro-dating.

Some of the plaster at St. Michael’s has peeled off and reveal medieval wall paintings! 🙂

Outside St. Michael’s at Clapton-in-Gordano

Outside Wells Cathedral

Inside Wells Catheral – the famous “scissor arches” at the far end.

Man reading inside the old cloister area.

More inside Wells Cathedral – saved this one a bit bigger than the others so you can see the detail.

Glastonbury Tor

Steps up to the Tor.

View from the top of the Tor

Sheep grazing at the top.

Inside the church at East Shefford. This was the first of the three churches we toured on Thursday.

Climbed up the Tor for the sunset. Dr. Rushton and puppy Tess came, too.

Dr. Rushton and Tess. 🙂

On the way back down I took this silhouette photo. I love the sheep. 🙂


9 thoughts on “First Two Weeks in England – Picture Post!

  1. The thing I love most about your travels is that I can pick where I want to go. It’s like being friends with a travel guide! I’m kidding. (Mostly.) Anywhen, I’m glad your having a good time. And by the way, “Tess” as in the literary character or just coincidence?

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