Thursday July 19 – Church Tours for CCT Supporters

One of the programs the CCT holds fairly regularly throughout  the year, is a guided church tour. In this case, yesterday, there were three churches and lunch included, and Dr. Rushton was the “expert” giving the tours and explaining parts of the churches to the participants. Yesterday’s tour took place in Berkshire county, and all three churches were medieval. We started at church in East Shefford. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, and it is a bit in the middle of nowhere, on an old estate property. But inside are some really great wall paintings and other medieval features. Here is a photo of Dr. R giving a talk about this church.







After East Shefford, we followed the folks on the bus to a church in Catmore. This church was far less interesting  that the first, and the talk didn’t take as long, which was good since we were already behind schedule having spent too much time at the first church. After Catmore we went to a pub called The Swan Inn, where ladies from the head CCT office in London has already prearranged lunch for us. It was pretty good. And then it was off to the last church, in Lower Basildon, which doesn’t have wallpainting, but beautiful medieval style windows and other architectural features. Here is a picture of Dr. R talking in that church.







After this tour was finished, all the people got back on the bus and headed back to Reading Station, and Dr. R and I headed back to Glastonbury. The drive took two hours and I slept a lot. Neither of us felt like cooking so we went to Cafe Galatia around the corner for dinner and then, because the weather was actually pretty nice, we decided to take their new puppy Tess, for a walk up to the Tor. And after that hike up and down I was pretty exhausted. So, Thursday was a good day. I got to see the kind of educational programs a non-museum heritage organization can run, and what challenges they face in doing so. Learning something every day. 🙂

Today is a day for me to work on the newsletter, so I’m afraid I won’t have anything very interesting to talk about. But we’ll see.



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