Sunday in Glastonbury

Today has been a really relaxing day for the most part. I slept in again and had left over Indian food for breakfast. Yum. 🙂
And then I put on my sneakers, grabbed my bag, my camera and a banana, and headed off to  hike up the hill to Glastonbury Tor. This site has been linked to many a myth or legend, and has had a big influence on why there are so many interesting and quirky people living here in Glastonbury. The town itself is known for attracting new-age, free-love type people, but they aren’t the majority. However, their precence, as well as the existence of The Tor, has made Glastonbury a tourist destination, and it is only because of the tourists that the local business dedicated to selling incense and crystals, can survive. There is even an entire store dedicated to sci-fi/fantasy stuff, and fairy costumes. HAHAHA.

But anyway, so Glastonbury Tor has been linked to the legends of King Arthur, and boasts some spectacular views….so up the hill I went. Now, there are two public foot paths that lead up the Tor, and I took the one closest to where I’m staying. This apparently is the path less travelled, though I did encounter other people along the way. It takes you through some woods, and some farmer’s pastures, and then up a road before you get to the bottom of the hill where the actual steps start. The steps are narrow and steep, and man did I realize how out of shape I was when some of the older locals where powering past me up the hill.

But I did  make it up and the views were definitely worth it. The weather was a little cloudy by warm, and even the wind a the top wasn’t too chilly. The 360 degree views let you see all across the English countryside, and even into southern Wales, across the Bristol Channel. I stayed up there for about half an hour, taking pictures and just sitting in the grass, and then I headed down. On my way back, I was walking through the narrow wooded path when I encountered a group of women. They didn’t speak English, but they were clearly “new age”, and one of them was sprinkling something on the ground and reciting words. I didn’t want to interrupt what they were doing so I asked politely if it was okay for me to pass and they all looked up and smiled at me and the one who spoke English said, “Yes of course.” Then I heard a giggle and words in a language I didn’t recognize and the English speaking woman said, “They say you look like a fairy.”

I laughed a bit and said, “Oh! Well…thank you. And I just came out of the woods, too…how fitting.” They smiled and nodded and I walked off not sure what to make of it, but decided to take it as a compliment. I made my way back down through the pastures, eating my banana, and finally made it home about a half hour later. And then I decided to take a nap. So I slept for an hour and then headed back down the street to Glastonbury Abbey. The Abbey ruins are beautiful, but the grounds themselves are like a beautiful green park and most locals have memberships and just go in on the weekends to have picnics and let the kids run around. So I went back there and got a pot of tea from the outdoor cafe, and planted myself in the grass and wrote a few postcards. And then I couldn’t resist getting a bit of ice cream, after seeing a lot of the little kids running around with cones.

Around 5pm, I decided to head back, but not before making another pitstop at the grocery store to pick up some meat for my bread, a jar of pickles and some radishes. At home I had a sandwich and radish salad and then Skyped with Mom. All in all, today has been a really nice day. But I am pretty exhausted, and looking forward to a good night’s sleep. Work starts again tomorrow. We have to leave the house by 8am…so going to bed early sounds pretty good right about now. 🙂

More tomorrow as the adventure continues.


2 thoughts on “Sunday in Glastonbury

  1. This is my favorite post so far… I wish I could have seen these fairy-dust ladies and the reaction on your face when they called you a fairy. I imagine you sitting on top of the Tor listening to some celtic music and/or the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. : )

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