A Day Off – Visiting Wells Cathedral

Since I have the weekends to myself, it means that I can do a bit of sightseeing. So, Saturday, after sleeping in, I visited the city of Wells, which is about 20 minutes away from Glastonbury via bus. The city is known for it’s 13th century cathedral, so I decided I needed to go. I was able to navigate the bus system without too much problem, and the bus driver was very nice and helpful when he realized I was not from around here.

Once you get to the Wells bus stop, you have to walk through the center of town a bit, down Market Street and High Street until you get to the square. I was happy to find that the square had an outdoor market on Saturdays, and the smells of fresh fried English sausage, and other goodies, were in the air. I found the wall outside the Wells Cathedral green and went inside. The man at the information desk informed me that there was a wedding taking place, and that the back half of the cathedral would be roped off for the next hour. So I went inside and saw what I could and then went to the cafe on the grounds and had some tea. I had bought a chocolate muffin in Glastonbury that morning before getting on the bus, so I had that alongside it.

And then I still had another half hour to kill, so I went back through the market and just browsed around a bit. Shortly after, the bells of the cathedral starting ringing, so I figured that meant the wedding was over and I could see the rest of the cathedral. Sure enough I walked back over and the entire wedding party was standing in front of the western front of the cathedral having their photos taken. I can’t even imagine being able to photograph a wedding in such an amazing place.

So in I went and I got to see the rest of the Cathedral. My favorite part is what they refer to as the “scissor arches”, that divide the nave from the altar space. And they also have a neat clock that has knights jousting each other in a kind of merry-go-round that runs on the hour. I picked up a few postcards at the giftshop, and then went back down through the rest of the town.

Around 4pm I decided to head home and went back to the bus stop. I had just missed the 4:45 bus, so I had to sit around and wait for the 5:15. It had just started drizzling again when the bus pulled up and I headed back to Glastonbury. When I got off the bus, I headed down High Street to the grocery store which is right around the corner from where I’m staying. I picked up some vollkornbrot (yay for real bread!), eggs, milk, and some juice. I came back and cooked myself “spiegelei” for dinner, and then skyped with mom about my day.

Mom would have really liked the cathedral today. Vanessa would have been bored to death probably. But that’s Vanessa for you. Churches, cathedrals and museums are like four-letter words for her these days. lol. We’re hoping she’ll grow out it soon enough.


2 thoughts on “A Day Off – Visiting Wells Cathedral

    • Technically it’s medieval Gothic, but yes. It’s even more impressive in person. The detail is so amazing. We’re used to buildings being finished in a few years…and these took decades.

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