Day Three: Rainy Portland

Yesterday we drove about an hour and a half from Glasonbury to the town of Portland, which is actually located on an island that is connected to the mainland by a causeway. This town will actually be where any of the sailing competitions for the Olympics will be held, so there were a lot of preparations still going on when we drove through.

The church itself was not particularly interesting, but the graveyard is filled with hundreds of headstones made from the local Portland stone (same as was used for St. Paul’s Cathedral in London), and they are all unique in shape, size and design. We met up with a group of 16-24 year old students who were participating in the CCT’s “Cathedral Camp”. Initially they were going to help document some of the gravestones that had yet to be documented, but it was pouring down rain, and the wind off the ocean made it even worse. I was to take pictures of the students working, for PR purposes, but with the rain as bad as it was, and no weather-proof stuff for the camera, I only got a few pictures. But what I got, Dr. R really liked, so that’s good.

When the weather got too horrible, everyone went inside and started cleaning and polishing the pews. I took a few pictures of this, too. And then two German tourists came in and I was able to talk to them for a bit, which they enjoyed, and which made me look so much more knowledgable than I actually am. 🙂

We left the church around 4pm and drove back in the pouring rain. My shoes and socks were soaked, and when we got back I put on a new pair of socks, and the pair of really thick and fluffy socks I borrowed from my mom for the airplane. It’s actually kind of hilarious that I am wearing three layers of clothes and two pairs of socks in the middle of July.

We had dinner around 7pm, and then I was ready to go to sleep quite early. The jetlag is hitting me a lot harder this time around than I remember it before. But hopefully that’ll be finished with by the end of the week. Today we are driving a lot, again. We are going to three different churches within the county of Somerset, to meet with a consultant who will be doing some dendrochronological dating on some of the medieaval wood in the churches. And then I’ll also start working on the regional newsletter, which I’m helping to put together.

The adventure continues…in the cold, rainy England weather. 🙂



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