Day Two: Glastonbury

So yesterday I took the train from London to Glastonbury and Dr R picked me up from the station. It was quite surreal driving on the left side of the road. I have been to the UK before, but we didn’t do any car travel during that time. So my only experience with the change in side, was having to be more careful crossing the road. Lol.

For these first two weeks I am staying at Dr Rushton’s house, acting ad a bit more of an exchange student, than an intern. He and his domestic partner Sarah just bought a new house so things are a bit chaotic, but free room and board is free room and board. 🙂

So we dropped off my things at the house and then we walked to lunch. They live just off the high street in Glastonbury which is quite the unique little town, known for embracing a kind of new age hippie-ness thanks to a very large festival that happens here every year.

We ate at this really neat place with a garden in the back and sort of go to know one another. And then we walked around the corner and visited the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, which is pretty impressive, despite being only ruins at this point. I took lots of photos, but I won’t be able to post any right now since I am working primarily on my iPad for the next two weeks, but I’ll be working on a laptop once I get to Pewesey.

After our visit to the abbey ruins, we walked back to the house and I got settled in. Then he had to run some errands, so I went back into town on my own. I went to the post office and bought more minutes for my phone and then went back to the abbey ruins and roamed around a bit myself. And then the sky started getting gray and it started to rain, so I found a place for tea and sat inside the cafe for an hour or so.

Around 6pm I headed back and just relaxed for about an hour before we went to dinner. Dr R is vegetarian, so we went to this place that specializes in veg and vegan food. After dinner we went back to the house and I was able to Skype with Mom and Mike for a while. And then I got ready for bed and was happy to sleep in something bigger than the matchbox size bed the hotel in London had the night before. 🙂

Now I am sitting in the kitchen awaiting breakfast and then we’ll start our first day of work. We are heading to a church in Portland to help with a graveyard survey. 🙂

More tonight!


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