Cathedral Camp

Last Friday I got an email from Dr. Rushton that he’d like to telephone me Monday morning, so we set up a time and spoke this morning.
Unfortunately for me he thought I was still in Florida and calculated a five, instead of six, hour time difference. So it was just after 7am when he called.
But he wanted to update me with some more details about my intinerary. They must not have interns very often, because he’s throwing a lot of different things at me…but I’m loving it.
After my first day in London, he’ll pick me up by train and take me back to Glastonbury where he works. From there, I’ll get to participate in one of the organization’s events/workshops called Cathedral Camp.

He said it’ll be instruction on the archaeology and conservation in church settings, and that they use quite high-tech equipment including laser scanning and such. And since archaeological field work is something I’ve never done before, this is incredibly exciting. 🙂

Also during that first week I’ll be culling and pulling together a lot of information from the archive on the church in Inglesham where we’ll be working later on. From what he’s said the archive is quite extensive and needs a good sorting through. I’ll also be visiting the CCT’s regional office in Bristol for a few days, where I’ll be doing more tedious “internship-type” work. He apologized for adding it to my work load but told me they never have anyone else to do it. And I assured him I knew that tedious work came with the internship territory. Also alongside those things I’ll be working on their photographic archives, which they also have not had anyone working on recently.

And after those first two weeks have passed, I move from Glastonbury to Pewsey, where the real work on the Inglesham project will begin. During my five weeks there I’ll be going to the church site a few days a week, and will be working on a lots of different things ranging from curating archival information on the church, to writing short PR bits for local papers and websites. And mixed in with all that will be a very CCT events that he’d like me to attend with him, so I can learn more about the general operations of the English heritage sector, and the challenges it faces.

And then at the end of those five weeks, I’ll head back to London for a few days before catching my flight back home. Right now 8 weeks seems like forever, but I’m almost certain they will fly by while I’m there.  All in all, it was quite a nice way to wake up this morning. The closer the days get, the more anxious I’m getting. I still feel completely unqualified, but he seems to think I’m right for the job. So I’ll continue familiarizing myself with the organization and reading the book on Medieval Wall Paintings he suggested I buy. But I can’t help feeling like I sound like a moronic American whenever I talk with him on the phone. lol.