Pre-Internship Research

Several weeks ago I bought my Fodor’s Travel Guide to England and have been covering it in post-in notes ever since. But all that stuff is primarily for the weekends I will have free during my internship. So I emailed Dr. Rushton a few days ago, asking if he had any articles or books he wanted me to read in preparation for the project in Inglesham. He sent me two books on Amazon, one of which I’ve purchased, and some links to websites of the towns I’ll be staying in.

I leave Nashville on the evening of July 9th and arrive in London on the morning of July 10th, and will be spending the afternoon and evening of the 10th in London on my own. The hotel I am booking is very near the Natural History Museum and Hyde Park. 🙂
From there, I’ll spend July 11-28th in Glastonbury, Somerset, working directly with Dr. Rushton on stuff for the Churches Conservation Trust in general, and then move to Pewsey, Wiltshire for July 29th-August 31st, for the Inglesham conservation project.

He recommended two books on Medieval wall paintings in English churches, and I went ahead and bought one off Amazon. I bought this one to familiarize myself with the concepts of conservation and wall paintings, since I know very little about all that: Medieval Wall Paintings.
I’ll be working with four other girls, who are all conservation students, and who will certainly know infinitely more about conservation than I do, so I want to make sure I at least know the basics. While they will spend all 5 work days at the church, I’m only going to be spending 2-3 days at the church, and working on other things the other days. In addition, I’ve been scoping out scholarly articles on conserving heritage sites in England, to try and get a feel for how they do things over there, compared to how we treat sites here in the States.

Part of me is incredibly intimidated by the whole project…I keep wondering if I’m even qualified. But then I just tell myself it’s an internship…I’m working for free and it’s not like they can fire a volunteer. I think it’s because it’s abroad…and maybe I feel like I have to prove myself as an American up against these British girls. Who knows. 🙂

Maybe it’s snotty to say, but if I was interning at the Florida Museum of Natural History this summer, I would not be nearly as worried about my performance.

Anyhow. That’s all for now. Preparations are being made and I’m getting very, very excited!